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Lead To The Head is a game about fighting off 25 waves of bloodthirsty undead hordes. The goal is to survive these 25 waves! |About: A weekend project that I made

out of curiosity. Hope you really enjoy the game and as always. Put Lead In Their Heads!|

Published Jun 12, 2017
Made withUnity
Tags3D, FPS, Short, Unity, Zombies

Install instructions

Extract the game data and game to the same location.


LeadToTheHead.zip 131 MB


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hey man thanks allot man this is so awesome TheParadoxBox thanks so much ill give u big thumbs up

Thanks for downloading it! I appreciate it sooo much.

your welcome

it is a lot of fun killing zombies

it id a lot of fun killing

it id a lot of fun killing

it id a lot of fun killing